Okay, I’ll admit it. I can’t offer the best stereo deal in Arizona. But I’ll tell you who does; The Arizona Audio Video Club. Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced audiophile, every meeting offers something for everyone. Check out the great series of meetings planned for 2020 at their website, www.azavclub.com.

If you tried the club many years ago and didn’t renew, I encourage you to try again; it’s greatly improved due to the efforts of recent president Jeff Kalina and his team. Our 2020 president, Paul Righello, is a seasoned audiophile and the main architect of the very well designed 2019 DAC-It-Out (spoiler alert: the lowest cost of the eleven featured DACs was the winner).

Considering the great meetings, local dealers that often give club members special discounts, veteran club members who are generous with their knowledge, occasional free giveaways, raffles and other bonuses, this is by far the best audio value in Arizona.

New members get their first year for $35. After that it’s only $48 per year. Sign up today at https://azavclub.com/join.