Big Ear Tip


The most cost effective AC power enhancement you can make for your system its to have a licensed and bonded electrician install a dedicated AC line to your stereo system. Ask him to install it on the least noisy phase (for example the one that your refrigerator is not on). Ideally 10AWG Romex with a 20A breaker. Otherwise 12AWG Romex with a 15A breaker.

The second most cost effective AC power enhancement is to have a proper grounding system installed on your main panel (at least one 8 foot copper rod driven into the ground; get an array of three, star grounded for better performance). Adding bentonite around the ground rod in the hole will improve conductivity to earth. Adding a second ground rod at least six feet away provides additional improvement.

Taking proper grounding to the next level safely, properly install a second ground rod(s) close to your audio system using the Puritan Audio Laboratories Ground Master, Puritan Audio Labs Ground Master.

Have the electrician also run wired ethernet and fiber optic cable while he’s installing your dedicated AC line; less costly than having him back out at a later date. Even though you don’t think you need it now, you will in the future. Wireless streaming is not high end audio. Wired ethernet is the minimum for audiophile streaming performance. The best is fiber; complete electrical isolation (galvanic).