iFi PowerStation Power Conditioner


Our audiophile extension block brings super quiet mains power to your system.

Whatever your set-up, digital, analogue or both, the PowerStation will ensure your system is receives super quiet mains.

“With the introduction of the PowerStation, the clever folks at iFi have stuffed some remarkable power conditioner technology into an attractive device at an even more attractive price. While it will work perfectly well with modest electronics and regular household AC outlets, its performance really scales with upgraded power cords, outlets, and high-end active components. You might want to try one before dipping into the little brat’s college fund to spend a lot more. Conversely, without experiencing power conditioning of this quality, one may never hear what the rest of one’s system is capable of. Welcome to the audiophile life.

Highly recommended!”

Bruce Kinch – Positive Feedback, July 2020

“To my knowledge there’s no other power strip this functional, designed specifically for audio and affordable at the same time. iFi audio PowerStation’s active cleaning circuit is its most impressive virtue, but how it translates to sonics even more so. The result is highly efficient action, conceptually quite along the lines of what big power conditioners do.”

David Grzyb – HiFi Knights, November 2019

“I approached listening tests with a healthy dose of scepticism and was surprised by the nature and magnitude of the sonic improvements the PowerStation/AC iPurifiers wrought. Backgrounds were as quiet or quieter than those achieved with other (more costly) conditioners I have tried, but the really significant gains came in the form of deeper levels of textural and transient details in the music that the iFi components unlocked suddenly —the sonic equivalent of ‘zooming in’ to get a better/sharper view of onscreen images on a computer.

I recommend the iFi PowerStation and AC iPurifiers for the simple reason that they help unlock more music for less money than other competing power conditioners I have tried.”

Chris Martins – hi>fi+, March 2020

The PowerStation uses iFi’s Active Noise Cancelation II to ACTIVELY eliminates noise across the frequency range, even across the lower frequencies.

Each outlet has added passive filters to also eradicate noise from the very highest frequencies.

Each outlet is independently isolated in its own chamber to prevent cross-contamination, with the addition of vibration-damping EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate).

We use PurCopper – a form of 99.9999 per cent pure OFHC (oxygen-free high-conductivity) continuous-cast copper – for its superior conductivity.

The PowerStation has inbuilt earth/ground and polarity detection.

No earth/ground can lead to annoying buzzes and hums – the scourge of audio.

We’ve added a 4mm banana socket to the PowerStation so a grounding cable can be used to create a ground/earth when one isn’t present.

Bingo, the sound is gone.

And the PowerStation is smart. The supplementary ground/earth connection will NOT introduce a ground loop EVEN if the system is already earthed.

More than one earth would also create a ground loop leading to more buzzing and humming and we don’t want that.

Polarity detection is vital if you don’t want to hamper the quality of your audio mains. With the PowerStation, this is built-in.

And never fear, max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS surge protection is also here. If it detects a power surge or a mains short, the PowerStation will shut down, protecting your downstream equipment from peril.

You can use AC iPurifiers in the PowerStation.

The more AC iPurifiers you use, the cleaner the overall power. If the AC iPurifier is placed in the middle of the PowerStation it will also act as a noise shield. Noise is reduced, isolated and confined to the respective left/right sections of the AC iPurifier.

Use it to separate your analogue and digital devices.

Noise reduction: > 40dB (> 100x)
Surge Protection: max. 30,000A @ 1,000V/10uS
Operating Voltage: 90V – 265V
Size: ø 478mm (l) x 96mm (w) x 76mm (h)
ø 18.8′ (l) x 3.8′ (w) x 2.9′ (h)
Weight: 1.98 (kg) / 4.37 (lbs)
Warranty period: 12 months