Kingko Audio KA101 Pro Headphone/Speaker Vacuum Tube Amplifier

$1,149.00 $995.00


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Introductory Price: $1095

On Sale Now: $995

Optional Red and Silver Faceplates: $55, On Sale for $45

“This is not only a great beginner amplifier for tube neophytes, but also a superb amplifier for budget conscious hard core audiophiles. Indeed, it is also a great choice for audiophile retirees who don’t want to lug 200lb amplifiers around and are looking to downsize. The KA-101 is good enough to slay some giants too, due to it being wholly engaging over long periods of time regardless of music employed.

King Ip, founder of KingKo, decided to have his engineers add an extra winding on the output transformers to make a proper and serious headphone amplifier as a bonus. The latter alone justifies the price of the amplifier.

Having Auditioned dozens and dozens of amplifiers in the $1,000 – $2,000 price range over the last 25 years, I find it difficult to point to a single one that betters the KingKo KA101 sonically. Further, most of those amplifiers don’t give you a top shelf headphone output on top.

It is wonderful to find great sound that can be had on a tight budget. The KingKo KA-101 integrated/headphone amplifier is very enthusiastically recommended and will find a home on this reviewer’s shelf.”

Richard Austin – Dagogo

Richard Austin of the online audio site Dagogo reviewed the original Kingko KA101:

Also, check out the informative interview with designer Mr King Ip:

This little integrated amplifier is truly a giant killer as the review states, now the improved PRO version with upgraded output transformers, circuit refinements and other features.

Many folks purchase this integrated amplifier just as a headphone amp, it’s that good. If you have the right pair of speakers, the 12W per channel output will be more than sufficient offering remarkable sound quality for the price.

Coupled with the Klipsch Premiere Reference line of speakers and/or the Grado line of headphones, both of which we carry, everyone can have the heart of a true audiophile stereo system for under $2000. Add the ifi audio nano iOne or Chord Electronics Mojo DAC and/or a Rega turntable and Bob’s your uncle.

The new Pro model has the following refinements:

1) Circuit redesign and improved power transformer for lower noise and higher fidelity.

2) On/Off switch for the VU meter lighting.

3) Improved headphone output further reducing noise levels and increasing fidelity.

Big Ear is offering the KA101 Pro at the introductory price of $1095.


*Extra large VU meters with elegant ambiance.

*VU meter lamp on/off switch.

*Premium capacitors deployed throughout.

*Audiophile aluminum footers (ready for tripod modification).

*Special winding technology for the output transformers. The frequency response is wide & powerful.

*Headphone output is powered via an individual winding group on each output transformer.

*Three level selectable headphone output impedance.

*Three selectable line level inputs.

*Input allowing use of an external line stage or preamplifier, utilizing the KA101 Pro as a stereo amplifier only.


Power output: 2 x 12W

Tubes: EL84 x 4, 5AR4 x 1, 12AU7 x 2, 12AX7 x 1

Input: CD, AUX1, AUX2, PRE-IN

Dimensions: (W)8″ x (D)9″ x (H)8″

Weight: 24 lbs

Power consumption:120W