Larsen 8.2 Loudspeakers

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The Sound of Music

Like all Larsen speakers, these are designed to go against the front wall.

Big Ear Stereo is the only Ultra High Fidelity dealer in Arizona to offer this option.

Absolute Sound Editors Choice Award 2020

“The Larsen’s, most impressively, really sound the way music actually does sound.”

Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound – TAS Larsen 8 review

“Finally, I’d like to mention my experience with the Larsen Model 8 loudspeaker that Robert E. Greene favorably reviewed in the last issue. This highly unusual design is designed to be placed against a wall, and features a tweeter firing into an angled baffle. At CES, Larson distributor Audio Skies positioned the Model 8s against the hotel-room wall between a large, immobile, and acoustically reflective dresser. Despite this hostile acoustic environment, the Model 8 sounded spectacular. The imaging was at least as good of that of a first-rate speaker placed in a large room well away from the sidewalls. As REG concluded in his review, Larson is really on to something with this unusual design.”

Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound – CES Show Report

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The Larsen 8.2 is designed to stand against the wall, like all Larsen speakers. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, creates a rich and deep three-dimensional soundstage with a wide listening area. The two high quality Scan-Speak drivers, working together under 300 Hz inside separate chambers, create a deep, crisp and precise bass, all the way down to 23 Hz. Above it, a true and clean mid-range, topped off by a clear and transparent high quality Scan-Speak tweeter with great dispersion and fluidity. The stainless steel plate around the extremely light polymer membrane in the tweeter is a first; and because it is integrated completely, it reproduces the upper octaves with more body, an amazing treble character and a more linear frequency response. The legendary ScanSpeak drivers and tweeter used in the Larsen 8 is usually only used in speakers costing over twice as much.

Natural and transparent with an amazing ability to recreate the 3D sound stage with a vivid and visceral tone quality, are just some of the outstanding listening characteristics of the Larsen 8. Feel the excitement of the musicians, as you experience the thrill of the music in your own living room. It’s the next best thing to hearing music live.

It’s just you and your music.

Larsen speakers, imported from Sweden, are unique in that they are designed to be placed right against the front wall (the wall you face) solving most of the placement challenges you have with conventional speakers. For music lovers that prefer not to have speakers placed away from the wall or those with smaller rooms that don’t have the flexibility to do so. Larsen speakers have remarkably low frequency response for their size and a beautiful sound quality. One of our favorite brands and many reviewers agree.

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The History Of Larsen Speakers

Surface reflected sound from boundary surfaces is a part of the recording and listening process. They cannot and should not be avoided, because this reflected sound adds timbre and fullness to the instruments and voices of the musicians.

Stig CarlssonConventional speakers are designed for, and tested in, an anechoic chamber. Meaning an echo-free room with absorbent material on all surfaces, a room without sound reflections. Which is why conventional speakers sound dull, lacking richness and color, in a “normal” room, thus creating a huge discrepancy between stated and real performance.

Larsen speakers are designed and constructed to thrive and perform phenomenally in a “normal” room by using the surface sound reflections to its advantage and thereby enriching the listening experience, instead of degrading it.

Larsen speakers are designed to stand flush against the wall, using the wall to create a deep and full bass from a relatively small cabinet. This placement, combined with the unique positioning and angle of the drivers, flanked by absorption material, virtually eliminates the wall behind the speakers, thus eliminating early sound reflections from interfering with the initial direct sound from the speaker.

John Larsen, the designer behind the Larsen speaker, worked with Stig Carlsson for sixteen years until Stig Carlsson’s death in 1997.

Stig Carlsson was the inventor of the unique acoustic design principle, which is used in the Larsen speakers. A patented design developed by Mr. Carlsson when he created speakers for Sonab in the sixties, resulting in the Sonab OA-4, 5 and 6. In the seventies he created the legendary Sonab OA-12, 14, 116 and 2212. Roy Allison and Peter Snell worked on similar ideas, trying to create speakers that could incorporate the effects surface reflections had on the sound quality of the speakers. In 1980, Mr. Carlsson created his own speaker line, Carlsson Ortho-Acoustic, once again, improving on the design of the Sonab speakers, creating such fantastic models as the Carlsson OA-50, 51 and 52 that were produced until 2006.

John Larsen’s own brand, Larsen, applies the principles invented by Mr. Carlsson and has improved upon these innovative design principles once more, culminated in the creation of the Larsen 8.

Ljudpanoramat i Larsens högtalare är fantastisktThe Larsen speaker is a genuine Swedish product, made by Larsen HiFi in Skillingaryd, Sweden, with help from local suppliers. The loudspeaker designer Anders Eriksson has designed and improved the electro acoustic part and John Larsen created the external design.