Quadraspire Q4 & SVT WALL BRACKETS


The Q4 & SVT Wall Brackets, made in Bamboo, provide a rigid support for your main source component.

Quadraspire HiFi wall brackets consist of a back plate with 2 arms that have holes for locating the adjustable spikes of the Q4 or SVT shelf and allows for precision levelling of the shelf. The Bamboo wall support, which is available in black or silver, can hold a component up to 40 kilos.

For the Bamboo wall bracket we have developed new spike assembly based on the design of the Bronze upgrade – one in Aluminium and one in Bronze. Clamping of the shelf is critical to performance but results in quite a tall spike assembly taking up more space than is necessary. Using the Bronze upgrade design we have been able to reduce the height and thereby the mass and improve performance as well as rigidity. Again all of this has been achieved through R&D and extensive listening tests using the tried and tested technique of tuning by ear in the same way as the finest musical instruments are developed. The main design features of the Wall bracket spike assembly are the SVT curve design of the top bolt and the rounded spikes that together encourage any residual mechanical resonance to flow and dissipate more easily.


» Wall brackets available for Q4EVO, Q4Large or SVT shelves.
» Black or Silver bamboo wall bracket can hold up to 50 kilo component.
» Wall bracket spikes available in Black, Silver or Bronze upgrade.
» Shelves available in Cherry, Oak, Maple, Wenger, Black or Bamboo.


Bamboo with Q4 EVO Shelf Specification
Bamboo with SVT Shelf Specification

Shelf Finishes

Q4 & SVT shelves are available in Solid Bamboo or Natural wood finish (Clear & Sandblast available on request).
The natural wood veneered shelves are available in the following finishes:- Cherry, Oak, Maple, Wenger and Black as shown. The Solid Bamboo shelves areas shown. For more information about sustainability of our bamboo, please click here. Q4 shelves are also available in clear and frosted glass.
Real wood veneers and bamboo are beautiful natural products and therefore subject to varying grain and colour.

About Quadraspire

Quadraspire was established in 1995 by Dutch designer Eddie Spruit in an East London Studio and now has its own manufacturing facility in Bath, England where they design and make high performance HiFi racks. Twenty years ago we set out to develop a Hi Fi rack that would deliver acoustic performance with style. This was achieved by combining solid aluminium columns with specially engineered shelves to create a light and rigid construction that delivers clearer, cleaner musical performance. Since then the Q4 has been sold throughout the world and is still one of our most popular racks.


Our HiFi racks and supports help to open the soundstage and improve the dynamics of your HiFi system, so you can enjoy the thrill of live or studio music in your home.
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Noticing how the siting of his HiFi made a difference to how good it sounded, Eddie Spruit developed a rack to address the issue of component resonance. In 1995 he set up Quadraspire and launched the Q4 HiFi rack that is still sold around the world today.
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The design team, led by Alester Kells, research & listen to different materials and shapes to further improve sound performance. They do this by the tried and tested technique of tuning by ear in the same way that the finest musical instruments are developed..
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Our product engineer, Ian Sibley, transforms our design ideas into products such as the X reference rack and the new Qplus interface. He also oversees the making and finishing of every Quadraspire product ensuring that precision is maintained throughout.
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All products are made at our own factory in Hallatrow, near Bath, England, where our engineers use the latest technology to make all the wood and metal components. Critical to our success is ensuring that all products are made and finished to our highest standard.