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Ultra High Fidelity Is Our Goal


Our True Passion Is The Enjoyment Of Music

Otherwise, what’s the point? I can sit in my favorite chair and get lost for hours listening to my favorite artists, not a care in the world. No internet, no TV, no nonsense. It’s a blessing. My sincere thank you to all the great musicians through the ages, past and present, that have brought so much joy into our lives.
I know there are a few others like me out there. Hearing these masterworks in Ultra High Fidelity is icing on the cake. I’d love to help you realize the dream.

Hello and welcome to Big Ear Stereo. Our specialty is home stereo systems. Our goal is for clients to enjoy Ultra High Fidelity in their homes.

We start by helping clients understand what’s really going on in this industry, how the marketing works and that the key to great stereo music reproduction is often free if you’re willing to make the effort. System and component auditions are conducted in our four comfortable home music rooms.

As engineers we understand what’s going on inside the box and if it really offers value. As lifelong musicians and music lovers with 9,000 LPs, 5000 CDs and high resolution streaming services covering every genre on site, we have a good ear for what instruments and good recordings should sound like. The three key characteristics to reproducing music properly are dynamics, tone and presence. You get these right and everything else falls into place.

We help our clients understand where their money is best spent. Whether you are interested in vacuum tube or solid state, vintage or modern, the older formats like LPs or CDs, or more modern streamers and media players, we’re here to help you make the best, most cost effective decision at every price point.

Let’s talk music & stereo.

Our emphasis is on proper stereo system set up (speakers and listening position that are in lockstep with the room) and component selection.. When this is not possible, we offer unique solutions found nowhere else in the valley to optimize any listening environment.

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