A good stereo is essential for every music lover but nothing beats live music and Ivan Harshman is the best (IMHO) that the Phoenix area has to offer. A superb vocalist, writer and instrumentalist, an evening with Ivan will never disappoint.

Hailing from Toledo Ohio and a family of super rockers, Ivan arrived in Tempe around the late nineties and soon found himself in one of the valley’s top bands at the time, The Elliots. A supergroup of sorts, containing three great writers, vocalists and players, there was nothing like an Elliots show and their CD of originals continues to be a favorite of ours. Along with Ivan (vocals and bass), The Elliots also featured Blake Thompson (vocals and guitar) and Kate Russo, now Thompson (vocals, electric violin, keyboards).

Ivan now performs solo most nights. You can find his dates at Ivan’s Website. You have the Big Ear 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will leave thoroughly amazed and totally entertained. Request classics like his Beatles medley, Thirteen, Into the Mystic, California 0r Harshman originals like Avalon and The Dailies.

Ivan also gigs with his buddies and fellow accomplished valley musicians Ronnie Winters (vocals, guitar) and Gary Bruzzese (vocals, drums) known as RIG (Ronnie, Ivan, Gary). No doubt the valley’s premiere classic rock outfit, they can be found playing outdoors at The Hideaway Grill in Cave Creek one Sunday a month at 2pm. I can’t think of a better way for any serious music lover to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here’s a teaser, Ivan on vocals: Dream On.

Working musicians of this calibre work hard for our enjoyment. Please show your appreciation by TIPPING BIG!