SME Model 20/3 Now On Display

April 2021 – We just received our display/demo SME 20/3 turntable with SME Series 5 tonearm. I’ll be installing the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge initially. Perhaps an Ortofon Windfeld Ti or Grado Statement3 down the line. After either owning, modifying or setting up high end turntables for 40 years, the SME line has become my personal favorite for a number of reasons.

Herron Audio M2 Amplifiers

December 2020 – We’ll be adding the Herron M2 mono block amplifiers to our other Herron components, VTPH-2A phono stage & VTSP-360 line stage, for a complete Herron Audio System, driving Larsen 8.2 or 9 loudspeakers. These four components will always be in one of my personal stereo systems.

SME Turntables

December 2020 – We’re proud to become the only stereo dealer in Arizona to represent the legendary line of SME turntables. We will display and demonstrate The Absolute Sound’s 2020 Turntable of the Year, the SME Model 12A.

Wireworld Cable

December 2020 – We’re proud to become the only stereo dealer in Arizona to become Wireworld cable suppliers. Although we still believe that Big Ear cable products are the best bang for the buck, Wireworld makes cable products that we are very impressed with.

Coda Technologies 06x Phono Stage, 07x Line Stage and Continuum No. 8 Amplifier

December 2020 – These outstanding products have been ordered and will be available shortly for audition. Anyone interested in components from Pass Labs or D’Agostino (IMHO ridiculously  overpriced) should audition these Coda products (better sound, better value). I’ve always been a tube guy and these are solid state products I could happily live with in my reference system.

DH Labs Cable Sale – Up To 60% Off

November 2020 – Excellent new cables at deep discount.

Great Products Priced at Wholesale and Below

November 2020 – New and like new products, often either Stereophile Class A or Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice, priced at wholesale or below. I update this page regularly.

Fyne Audio

October 2020 – Big Ear is pleased to announce the addition of Fyne Audio loudspeakers to our lineup. The engineering team at Tannoy left to start a new company in Scotland. These are relatively easy to drive point source speakers. The 300 and 500 series are already receiving rave reviews for their great sound and high value.

Jim Smith of Get Better Sound has replaced his beloved Tannoy Canterbury speakers with Fyne F703 speakers. He says, “Cutting to the chase, I now have better overall (more musically involving) sound than I had with the Tannoy Canterburys!”

ATC SCM100ASLT Active Loudspeakers

October 2020 – Big Ear is proud to announce that it will be only one of two US retailers to display and demonstrate the amazing ATC SCM100ASLT active loudspeakers. They will arrive and be ready for audition in late December 2020.

ATC Loudspeaker Sale!

October 2020 – The ATC SCM50, SCM100 and SCM150 series speakers are now on sale for up to $8000 off retail.

Chord English Electric 8Switch

September 2020 – The English Electric 8switch is an audio grade 8-port gigabit streaming network switch.

Sonnet Digital Audio

August 2020 – Legendary digital designer, Cees Ruijtenberg of the Netherlands, has started a new company, Sonnet Digital Audio. Cees was formally the designer of the highly regarded Metrum line of digital converters. Their flagship non-oversampling R2R ladder DAC, Morpheus, is now the Big Ear digital reference and available for audition.