Big Ear Reference Turntable Wall Mount Shelf


Based on the classic Mana Acoustics turntable wall mount shelf that many consider the best shelf of it’s kind ever made.
My 2004 Mana Acoustics price sheet lists their Reference Wall Shelf at $600 with glass shelf.
The Big Ear Reference Wall Shelf introductory price is $695 in semi-gloss black and includes four of our 1/4″ handmade brass spikes and a bamboo shelf. We can powered coat your shelf any color you want for a modest up charge. In addition to the stock 1/2″ bamboo shelf, we also can provide a 1.5″ hard maple butcher block shelf (up charge).
Please call or email today for a price quote and lead time estimate. Although developed for local customers, we now have the ability to ship anywhere in the continental US. We will not ship outside the continental US.
Ours is made by hand and can be powder coated any color you want with semi-gloss black as our standard color. We tap the corner support brackets for use with upward facing brass spikes (our handmade 1/4″ models). I didn’t care for the glass shelves provided with the Mana Acoustics version. We provide 1/2″ bamboo or 1.5″ hard maple butcher block shelves.