Big Ear Equipment Racks


Designed and hand built in Tempe, AZ. There’s a need for an effective, reasonably priced audio equipment rack and we can offer you just that. EVP isolation and vibration control footers are the most effective and reasonably priced product of this type on the market so we incorporated both the 2″ and 4″ models into our rack design. Or use similar component isolation/vibration control products of your choice. If you prefer to couple with spikes, we offer our handmade, 3/4″ brass spike options. If you don’t want the 4″ feet, we offer an option utilizing 1/2″ handmade brass spikes that screw into the bottoms of the four support columns. High quality maple butcher block shelves are included or provide your own. Although the pictured racks are one and two tier in black semigloss we offer up to five tiers in any color you like. Email or call for pricing. We’ll design and build the perfect audio equipment rack to suit you needs.