Coda 16.0 Stereo Amplifier



The ultimate solid state amplifier match for the Legacy Focus SE and Aeris speakers!

“The Coda 16.0 amplifier offers boundless macro-dynamics/powerful control of low-end frequencies, gorgeous color/tonality, a silky smooth presentation, and the ability to render lifelike spatial dimensions rarely found in solid-state amplifiers.

Regardless of what speakers, DACs, and preamplifiers I used in my auditioning process to drive my system using the 16.0 amplifier, there were clearly five areas that were improved- better than anything in my stable of solid-state/tube amplifiers.

The 16.0 amplifier nailed every stop/start with precision and an overall effortlessness that made all the pop and pace of the music clearly present. It was as if the 16.0 amplifier had the speed of a 211 SET amplifier that could drop 100-watts of Class-A power!

With all I shared in this review I don’t think it’s a surprise I’m figuring out a way to finance my purchase of the 16.0 amplifier because I don’t want it to leave my system.”

Terry London – Stereo Times April 2020

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100 Watts of Pure Class A operation

150 watts A/B into 8 ohms

300 watts A/B into 4 ohms

Maximum current: 100 amperes per channel

Power supply: 3KVA  power transformer/ Dual independent rectification and 280,000 of power supply filter capacitance

RCA & XLR Inputs

17.5”W, 19”D,  7.7”H

110 pounds

Graphite anodized aluminum and stainless-steel finish chassis