Puritan Audio Labs GroundMaster & GroundMaster CITY



The Safe and Effective Way To Eliminate Ground Noise

GroundMaster – $290

GroundMaster CITY – $250

New! GroundMaster CITY

Designed for customers that don’t have access to mother-earth using the GroundMaster and earthing-rods. GroundMaster-City (GMC) uses the existing house AC-ground. The best combination is using the GMC with the also new RouteMaster. 90+% effective as the GroundMaster.

“The effect on the performance of my system was a type of “audio alchemy,” concerning the purity of tonality of instruments; a level of transparency that allowed the smallest micro-details to be heard. The sense of ease and overall dynamics/wallop of the music was also increased. These qualitative improvements were not subtle but were easily heard in a system that had been tweaked to the max to get every last scintilla of musical reproduction. More than ten readers relayed their experiences as well. They described installing the GroundMaster and copper grounding rod, and all reported that they too were bedazzled with the effects this had on their system. Based on what I shared regarding the tremendous improvements in tonality and spatial qualities, I believe these devices are some of the most amazing bargains in high-end audio.” – Terry London, Stereotimes, December 2021. Click Here for Full Review

A Revolutionary Way to Raise the Performance of Your System for Very Little Money

The Ground (or Earth) connection is the absolute reference for all of your vital system voltages. As such, it has to be as silent and stable as possible.

The ultimate way to eliminate ground-line noise is to utilise a clean, dedicated earth, but this is fraught with myriad safety and regulatory issues.

The GroundMaster eliminates all of the problems typically associated with the connection of additional earthing rods (or other buried metalwork) into an audio and/or audio visual system, and allows for a simple, economical, and substantial upgrade to your listening and viewing experience.

Almost every modern electrical item is equipped with a high frequency switching power supply which use their Earth connection as a dumping ground for the interference they generate. With substations often serving hundreds of houses, your HiFi Earth/Ground connection could be connected to thousands of Earth Line polluting appliances.

With the Puritan GroundMaster (used in conjunction with an additional ground rod), offending noise and disturbance frequencies are identified and channelled through a low impedance route to ground, ensuring their elimination.

Dedicated Custom Guide Array

12 Individual Alternately Tuned Frequency Guides

Simple Installation

Kills Ground Noise Dead

Blacker Silence and Subtler Detail

Widens and Deepens your 3-Dimensional Sound Stage

Rock Solid, Stable Imaging

For the past 50 years houses have normally been connected using the Protective Multiple Earth (PME) system, whereby the Neutral Line is bonded to Earth at the substation and at other points along the way and with Neutral and Earth circuits separated at the point of entry to the building. This style of installation provides the greatest dangers if using additional ground rods without connecting though the GroundMaster whilst other styles of household Earth connection will still benefit greatly with increased safety and performance by using the GroundMaster.

Additional Notes

A single core cable to run from the ground rod to the GroundMaster will be required. Smaller diameter cables are easier to handle whilst fatter cables offer lower resistance over length and because of this can provide performance gains. (The overall resistance of a 10 metre length of 2.5mm2 cable would be 0.07Ω , 10.0mm2 0.02Ω.)

Depending on the type of soil, further improvements can be achieved by using additional ground rods linked together at minimum 1.2M spacing. Remember also that ground rods rely on moisture to link electrically to the Earth, in dry spells watering the area will elevate performance.

Further performance gains can be achieved using moisture retaining clay or conductive aggregates to surround the ground rods e.g. Bentonite and Marconite.

Suitable ground rods are available from many online sources. (e.g. www.screwfix.com Part No. 28044). As are the clamp to attach the cable (Part No. 98752). 10M of 10mm2 green and yellow one core cable (Part No. 4048T) or 100M of 2.5mm2 (Part No. 4752T).