Puritan Audio Labs Route Master



Puritan Audio Labs Route Master

Ground Line Master Router. When used in conjunction with the Ground Master provides a perfect star ground between all your stereo components.

Provides the shortest and most coherent route to a common star grounding point for all of the signal grounds of components forming an audio or audio visual system. The Star Grounding terminus is contained inside a rugged chamber where a matrix of nodes direct noise into a “noise eating” Ferro Electric compound.

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A Revolutionary Way to Raise the Performance of Your System for Very Little Money

A wonderful grounding product from masters of power and lowest noise floors – Puritan Audio Labs!

Connect multiple devices using a variety of connector types to ground every component in your system – dissipating electrical buildup that wreaks havoc on sensitive electronics.

Good sound 101: lower the noise floor and bring out unheard detail and dynamics.

Use in tandem with Puritan’s Ground Master for best results!